Children’s Land Alliance Supporting Schools

Perhaps the most neglected funding topic in all of education is school trust lands. In most cases the lands were granted at statehood by the federal government to provide financial support for schools. Every state at one time held land and/or a fund in trust for public education granted either by the federal government or the states themselves. Forty-five million acres and $48 billion are still held in trust for public schools. Public schools are the trust beneficiaries and intended recipients of the generated revenue.

The Children’s Land Alliance Supporting Schools (CLASS) is a non-profit corporation comprised of education leaders including parents, teachers, administrators and school board members from 20 states who meet annually to learn more about school trust lands and how to increase their impact on the public schools in their state. CLASS conducts research, provides information, training, and support services to educational organizations. An annual conference is held each summer where members can network, learn and share new ideas, challenges, solutions and goals.

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CLASS is funded by grants from the United States Department of Education and donations from corporations and individuals.