The Children’s Land Alliance Supporting Schools (CLASS) is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing educational leaders and legislators information on the productive use of school trust lands and funds.

Mission Statement: School trust lands were granted to states at the time of statehood for the sole purpose of generating revenue in perpetuity for public education. Children’s Land Alliance Supporting Schools (CLASS) helps states honor their historic commitment to optimize revenues from school trust lands and manage their permanent funds as an ever-growing, sustainable source of education funding.

We are parents, educators, school board members, state land commissioners, productive land users and others working to ensure a robust endowment for the benefit of today’s schoolchildren and all future generations, as intended since the founding of our country.

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Due to technical difficulties we were not able to Live Stream our organizational rebranding. A taped video of the presentation can be found here. Thank you for your patience.

School Trust Lands

School Trust Lands are lands that have been set aside to generate revenue for schools. To find out more about School Trust Lands, click here.

Trust Lands in Your State

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